AZ ATV COVID-19 Notice

We are updating our operating procedures for your safety as well as ours as we take on the coronavirus pandemic.

We are offering you a way to get a break away from the monotony of the quarantine. We do ask if you are showing any symptoms please take care of yourself and schedule for another day.

As we maintain operations and taking groups out for an adventure with Mother Nature in the deserts of Arizona, we are making the following adjustments:

  • You will need to be wearing a mask when you arrive we will not be supplying these or bandanas for you. This is a new CDC requirement
  • We are currently wiping down all of our equipment steering wheel seats shifters and anywhere else people may touch between tours with Lysol disinfectant.
  • The equipment is also being washed at the end of each day and then disinfected again
  • We are also only doing groups as they book and not combining groups, meaning that if you are a family or group of three you will stay a family or group of three with 1 of our guides.
  • We are also restricting our groups to 4 or less people at this time.
  • We are also now enacting the 15 foot or greater physical distancing rule (10 feet CDC recommendation).
  • All of our paperwork will need to be completed through DocuSign and not in hard copy.
  • We are also making sure that we have a supply of soap and water with this at all times so that people may wash their hands frequently.
  • As an additional precaution we are not accepting handshakes or hugs at this time. We love to greet our guests with these signs of respect and friendship and in considerations of your health and safety we have implemented no handshakes or hugs until further notice.
  • As there are updates made quickly please point out if we have missed anything that we can do to make your trip comfortable.
  • We will continue to offer bottled drinking water for our guests as well.
  • Also we have nitrile gloves for you to wear if you choose while you drive (they will make your hands sweat FYI)

Our trips still consist of you doing the driving and we do the guiding from a separate machine. You will be driving 4 seats Rzr’s, and we will be stopping occasionally to switch drivers around. Ultimately we will be having fun in the outdoors where Mother Nature loves to give back to us.

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